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Wrinkle removal by Botox

Softens and impedes formation of wrinkle for a rejuvenated, alert appearance. General signs of aging disappear giving a younger appearance.

Technique: Strategic injection of minute amounts of botulinum toxin diluted in saline restricts movement of muscle responsible for furrowed brows, frown lines and crows feet. May also be used to reduce the appearance of vertical neck cords. May be recommended prior to and/or as a follow up facelift.

Performed in the surgeon's office, with no anaesthesia required. Icing of the local area prior to injection may be used to alleviate discomfort.

Complements: Injectable soft tissue filler may further soften facial expression lines and add to the results substantially.

Results: Muscle movement is restricted in 2-5 days. Results are temporary, lasting about 6 months depending on injection site and individual patient factors.

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