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Laser Hair removal

Reduces Hair permanently from the affected area such as the face, neck and body. Gives a beautiful hair less feature.

Technique: The Laser technology used is the latest ND-YAG, Its wave length is 1064 nm which is far better then the conventional Diode laser. After proper cryo therapy and preparation laser hair removal is done by selective heating of the hair follicle, the beam passes through the skin and reaches its target in depth. Each treatment produces subsequent significant reduction in hair growth, selectively targeting hair. The number and time period depends on the area of unwanted hair growth. people experience almost no sensation of pain and successive treatment are well tolerated. Laser treatments rejuvenate the skin. No anaesthesia has to be used.

Complements: Specialized skin treatments enhance the looks of the new hairless skin.

Results: May cause temporary redness which subsides within 1-2 days. Final results appear after completion of all sittings. Subsequent Laser treatments result in permanent hair reduction from the affected area.

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