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Remove localized, excess deposits of fat from specific areas of face, neck and body. Best suited for clients at or within 30% of their ideal body weight. Creates smooth contours and a better proportioned figure.

Technique: Working through small incision your surgseon uses a cannula or hollow surgical tube to loosen fat and remove it through attached suction. A Solution of saline with added adrenaline and possibly local anesthetic may be infused prior to treatment. Incisions are small, requiring few if any stitches.

Generally performed as an out patient procedure under local anaesthesia, with or without sedation. General anaesthesia may be recommended.

Complements: In conjunction with a tummy tuck, face lift, neck lift, breast reduction or as the primary technique in female or male breast reduction.

Results: Swelling subsides, bruising fades, initial result appear in 2-4 weeks. Final results appear in 2-6 months. Significant weight gain can cause recurrence of fatty deposits.

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