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Who We Are ?

Eleganza is a subsidiary of MALIK GROUP, a company involved with health care and Clinical Diagnostics. Eleganza is a place where one can expect a complete transition of mind and the body. A place to find the NEW self.
We at Eleganza have brought some of the latest technologies of the world for health and beauty care such as Laser technology for removal of hair and other skin treatments, A specialized Cosmetic surgery division which comprises of best Doctors of the country, specialized treatments for hair and skin. Eleganza is member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the only organization which celebrates cosmetic surgery and its advancements throughout the world. The genesis of Eleganza lies in its constant Research & Development to bring the latest and the best technologies of the world to those who value beauty and realize its importance in today's fast and modern life.
Eleganza has been a pioneer in the country to start what we like to call "The look Good Tour", the first of its kind which allows clients from other countries to take their treatments along with an entertaining and expansive tour of the country according to the clients liking while enjoying the luxuries of a 5 Star facility all along. The tours are custom made to suit each clients needs and life style. Its always a wonderful experience for the client because at Eleganza a client is a guest and not a patient.
Eleganza follows strict standards of quality and has an ISO 9001:2000 certification making it the only cosmetic surgery clinic to have it.

Services We Offer
1. Face Treatments
2. Hair Procedures
3. Breast & Buttocks
4. Body Reshaping
5. Cosmetic Gyneacology
6. Laser Hair Removal
Our Team
Dr. Seema Malik

Dr Seema Malik
(Founder and Mentor ELEGANZA)

Dr. Vimal Malik

Dr Vimal S Malik
(Director and Head of Department (Cosmetic Surgery) - ELEGANZA)

Dr. Saurabh Malik

Dr Saurabh Malik
(Executive Director ELEGANZA)