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Non Invasive Body Contouring

We all have unwanted fat deposits we cannot get rid of, even with diet and exercise. UltraShape T offers a completely noninvasive fat reduction & body contouring solution for men and women that uses safe, effective, focused ultrasound technology to break down those stubborn fat deposits and give you a better, slimmer, body shape.

Technique: The UltraShape solution, developed by plastic surgeons and scientists, is based on a technological breakthrough that uses ultrasound waves, to selectively break down fat cells without affecting neighboring structures. Immediately after treatment, the body's natural pathways clear away the disrupted fat cells. The procedure requires no anesthesia or sedation. UltraShapeT requires no downtime, no follow up maintenance, and no recuperation period. The safe and effective procedure - ranging between 60 to 90 minutes depending on the size and number of target treatment areas - can treat multiple areas like the abdomen, flanks and thighs.

Complements: A healthy lifestyle involving regular exercise and diet schedule suggested by the respective councilors.

Results: Clinical results show that after just one treatment there is an average reduction of two centimeters in body circumference, while multiple treatments have achieved enhanced circumference reduction.

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