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Breast Lift

Correct loose, sagging breast by reshaping the breasts, raising the nipple to a higher position and restoring breast firmness. Can reduce the size of the areola (Pigmented skin around the nipple) when desired.

Technique: Surgical removal of excess skin to raise the nipple and tighten the breast tissue. Incision patterns may vary, depending on the degree of skin excess and amount of lifting required as well as patients and surgeons preference. Common patterns include inverted T (Incisions around the areola, vertically down to a horizontal incision along the breast crease), vertical (Incision around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease) and periareolar (Incision around the areola).

Generally performed as an out patient procedure under local anaesthesia with sedation; general anaesthesia may be recommended.

Complements: May be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation where greater volume is desired.

Result: Swelling subsides in 2-4 weeks. Breast shape may take 1-3 months to fully refine. Continued flattening and fading of incision for up-to 1 year.

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